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A zipper pull-connector device developed by Lamcom Inc.



- The traditional zipper pull has been a more functional rather than a fashionable element of the zipper.

- The puller is not changeable once it has been assembled with the zipper slider- the consumer is left with no choice but to accept the ready-made product.

- Worldwide web accessibility leads the trend for  fashion individualization. A versatile pull-connector enables the end-user to create the desired pull as a personalized fashion statement.W-LInk™ device is our response and effort to this market trend.

What is W-LInk™?

W-LInk™ is a precious pull-connector device with 2 functional U-shape hooks that can be easily attached as a link to other items. (drawing)



How does W-LInk™ work?

The U-shaped hooks of the W-LInk™ can be easily locked and unlocked from the medial part by pressing inwardly the free end, enabling the hook to attach other desired items and work as a link. (drawing)

how to work

Let's see the demonstration

Uses for W-LInk™

- Zipper pull

- Connector piece for accessorizing

- Zipper locking (for bag, backpack, etc.)

- Key holder (in larger size)

- Jewelry (prototyping)


Let's see the demonstration


Who will use W-LInk™?

- Children
    - Themes, characters

- Teens
    - Jewels, etc

- Adults
   - Sporting events, trade shows, accessories

Why choose W-LInk™?

- W-LInk™ is the cutting edge device that offers consumers the ability to show their personalities, cultural choices, and fashion style by choosing individualized charm-like pulls for their zippered items. The plain and staid zipper pulls can now be a fashion statement.

- Provide flexibility in design for apparel manufacturers.

- Compatibility with sliders of major zipper brands (i.e. YKK, Coats, etc.) thus, establishing consistency

- Shorten product development and production lead-time to allow quick response to market demand.
An important incentive offering to promote floor sales.

- Simplify the zipper manufacturing process, which will increase efficiency and contribute to sustainability through the improvement.

- Highest quality materiasl used for this product.

- W-LInk™ is fully tested to meet safety requirements of CPSIA.


Let's see the demonstration again




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